Our telehealth consultations enable patients to receive quality care remotely from the comfort of their home or workplace. Book your telehealth appointment today!

How does telehealth work at Daintree Health?

During your telehealth appointment, you will connect with our doctors via telephone or video to discuss your health concerns. They will begin by inviting you to describe any issues you’re facing. Please prepare your topics beforehand and inform our staff if you need extra time for multiple concerns.

What happens during my telehealth appointment?

Our doctor will assess your health based on the clinical information provided via phone or video call. If a physical examination is needed, you may be asked to attend in person. Referrals for investigations will be emailed or sent directly. Prescriptions can be sent via eScript to your mobile or email or faxed to your pharmacy.

Is my telehealth appointment confidential?

Yes, all consultations and services provided by Daintree Health are private and confidential.

How to get the most out of your telehealth consultation?

When attending our telehealth consultation, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Test your connections before the appointment
  • Be prepared with what you need to discuss
  • Be ready for your appointment on time

Allied and Specialist Care

Daintree Health’s strong network of local specialists and allied health services also provides the option for Telehealth consultations.

Working in partnership with allied and specialist health services means you receive better collaborative care, allowing GPs, family members, and other professionals to help you achieve your overall health and well-being goals.

Speak to your GP for more information or call the clinic on 02 6059 2700.