Skin Checks

In Australia’s harsh climate, skin cancer is a leading cause of death. Two out of three Australians will develop skin cancer, with over 1,300 melanoma-related deaths annually. With one of the world’s highest skin cancer rates, proactive skin care and early detection are vital, especially in regional areas such as Wodonga.

Expert eye to diagnose

Regular skin checks are essential because what you notice may not tell the whole story. Often, patients come in concerned about harmless spots, only to find other spots needing attention. Timely skin checks ensure early detection and treatment of skin cancers.

Trusted GPs use the latest technology

Our experienced GPs provide thorough skin checks, using advanced technology to monitor and treat certain skin cancers. Whether for specific concerns or routine screenings, we offer comprehensive examinations. Trust Daintree Health for your skin check needs, ensuring your safety and well-being.

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Mole Check Clinic provides comprehensive mole mapping and precancerous skin checks at our bespoke Daintree Health Medical Centre Skin Clinic. Call us today on 02 6059 2700 to make an appointment.

Out-of-pocket cost means the cost to you after the Medicare rebate has been applied. The total cost you pay upfront may vary due to the length of a consultation. However, no matter what the total cost will be, your Medicare rebate will always make up the difference to make your out-of-pocket cost the same, as seen below:

Full-Body Skin Cancer Check

You will be seen by one of our specialised skin cancer doctors who will examine your skin from head to toe with a dermatoscope - a specialised device that assists with thorough skin examination. The doctor will examine and photograph every suspicious spot under high magnification and advise you on any necessary action regarding those. Fee: $120 out-of-pocket.

Full-Body Mole Mapping

After your Full-Body Skin Cancer Check, you may require a separate Full-Body Mole Mapping appointment. Mole mapping entails capturing 28 photographs of your skin surface and positions of lesions for future reference in our software, aiding in identifying and diagnosing skin cancer. Fee: $170 out-of-pocket.

Minor Biopsy

We offer minor biopsies that usually include a punch and shave biopsy. However, in some cases, those biopsies may fall into the standard biopsy category if they are large or located in difficult areas. Fee: $90-$120 out-of-pocket.

Standard /Excision Biopsy

Performed under local anaesthetic and requires stitches. Size and complexity vary significantly. Therefore, the price range may vary accordingly but the out-of-pocket fee is normally the same. Fee: $160 - $240 out-of-pocket.


The procedure involves the use of extreme cold, usually liquid nitrogen to remove skin lesions such as warts, skin tags, harmless moles, blood spots, solar keratosis and sun spots. More than one treatment may be required. Fee: $30 out-of-pocket.